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C19 MentalHealthNet

The COVID-19 Mental Health Research Network 

Project group

Project leaders: Soraya Seedat & Nancy Kassam-Adams

Project group: Natasha Kitchin (, Nancy Kassam-Adams, Soraya Seedat, Ulrich Schnyder, Miranda Olff.

Interested to join the project group as a project ambassador? Please email Natasha.

Aims and method

The Global Collaboration of Traumatic Stress is collecting information on COVID-19 related mental health research that is being conducted or planned around the world. The aim of this project is to offer opportunities for collaboration, encourage sharing of resources (and data), and promote interchange amongst researchers in this area.

A data collection tool (GoogleForm) has been developed allowing the information be findable / usable.

Why join the Network?

  • Let others know about your research

  • Expand the reach of your study

  • Find collaborators

  • Share your skills

  • Discover opportunities for multi-country and cross-cultural research

How do I participate?

TIP 1:  Filter results by clicking the funnel icon       (top left)

TIP 2: Use the listings to find a new collaborator or connect to researchers with shared interests

  • When you are ready, share your publications, findings, data with others in the Network

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What is expected of me?

  • You decide on the study information that you want to share

  • You are welcome (but not required) to offer to share copies of assessment instruments * or data

  • You will be identified by name and institution in the database

  • You can ask to have your information removed from the database at any stage


* The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), a member of the Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress, has created a repository of COVID-19 related measures.

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